Call for Nominations for Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship is bestowed on non-dentists who make substantial and meaningful contributions to the profession. Any Fellow in good standing can nominate a worthy colleague.

Nominations are due March 1 of each year.

Nomination forms can be found on our Members page.

Honorary Fellowship

2018 Continuing Education Survey

The College continues to be one of the largest providers of continuing education in ethics and leadership in dentistry. Continuous improvement is a priority for the ACD, and your feedback provides valuable insights for our CE programming. The College participates in the Academy of General Dentistry’s PACE accreditation program.

You have already completed this survey--thank you!

ACD-Indiana University School of Dentistry Collaboration

The College has an ongoing partnership with IU to create relevant videos portraying ethical dilemmas faced by practitioners. Topics range from consent to pain management to patient relationships and are valuable teaching and learning tools for professors as well as whole practices.

To view and download the videos, please visit the ACD YouTube Channel.

Our Vision

The American College of dentists strives to advance excellence, ethics, professionalism, and leadership in dentistry



Since the inception of the American College of Dentists, ethics and professionalism have been integral to the organization and its activities.

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