The mission of the American College of Dentists is

to advance excellence, ethics, professionalism, and leadership in dentistry.

“The College must be a symbol of the ideals that have made our profession great; the College should be a catalyst…a stabilizer…a resource…to which the profession can turn for guidance in matters of ethics, of philosophy, of principle… The American College of Dentists has many functions but its basic mission-its reason for being-is leadership.” Philip Blackerby

acd mission

Organizational Structure

Officers and Regents of the American College of Dentists provide guidance for the organization; elective officers and Regents are elected by the entire Fellowship. The College is divided into eight Regencies; Regencies are further divided into Sections. There are 51 Sections overall. Overall planning and management is under the Executive Director and the Executive Office in suburban Washington, D.C. For more information, see Article I of the Bylaws and Organization.

ACD official logo

Seal of the American College of Dentists

According to the history of Herodotus, among the Egyptians of the Fifth Century, B.C., “some physicians are for the eyes, others for the head, others for the teeth….” This statement indicates that a group of priest-physicians actually specialized in dental matters. Because of this heritage, early Fellows of the College incorporated a number of Egyptian elements in the design of the seal:

A scroll inscribed with a portion of Ebers Papyrus containing a dental prescription;
An outer border taken from the ornament of an ancient tomb, Hepi in Sawijet el Meitn;
Two Egyptian figures holding the scroll;
A sacred scarab (winged) supporting the moon, a common Egyptian symbol;
Two lotus flowers, typically Egyptian;
Two crocodiles (the fat of which was used for the relief of odontalgia) supporting the sun, another common Egyptian symbol;
Red, blue, and gold coloring, also typically Egyptian.
The seal is a Registered Trademark ® of the American College of Dentists.

Official Colors

The official colors of the College are Lilac and American Rose.

Tour the College’s Executive Office Building

The American College of Dentists National Office is located in the Montgomery Avenue Historic District in Rockville, Maryland. It is a short walk to the Rockville Station, a stop on the Metro DC Red Line, and a block from the Town Square.

The building is also home to the Pierre Fauchard Academy.