Manuscripts for potential publication in the Journal of the American College of Dentists (JACD) should be sent as attachments via e‐mail to the editor, Dr. David W. Chambers, at  The transmittal message should affirm that the manuscript or substantial portions of it or prior analyses of
the data upon which it is based have not been previous published and that the manuscript is not currently under review by any other journal.

Authors are strongly urged to review several recent volumes of JACD.  In conducting this review, authors should pay particular attention to the type of paper we focus on.  For example, we normally do not publish clinical case reports or articles that describe dental techniques.  The communication policy of the College is to “identify and place before the Fellows, the profession, and other parties of interest those issues that affect dentistry and oral health.  The goal is to stimulate this community to remain informed, inquire actively, and participate in the formation of public policy and personal leadership to advance the purpose and objectives of the College.”

There is no style sheet for the Journal of the American College of Dentists.  Authors are expected to be familiar with previously published material and to model the style of former publications as nearly as possible.

A “desk review” is normally provided within one week of receiving a manuscript to determine whether it suits the general content and quality criteria for publication.  Papers that hold potential are often sent directly for peer review.  Usually, there are six anonymous reviewers, representing subject matter experts, committees of the College, and typical readers.  In certain cases, a manuscript will be returned to the author with suggestions for improvements and directions about conformity with the style of work published in this journal.  The peer review process typically takes four to five weeks.

Authors whose submissions are peer-reviewed receive feedback from this process.  A copy of the guidelines used by reviewers is found on this site.  An annual report of the peer review process for JACD is printed in the fourth issue of each volume.  Typically, this journal accepts about a quarter of the manuscripts reviewed and the consistency of the reviewers is in the phi = .60 to .80 range.

This journal has a regular section devoted to papers in ethical and professional aspects of dentistry. Manuscripts with this focus may be sent director to Dr. Bruce Peltier, the editor of Issues in Dental Ethics section of JACD, at  If it is not clear whether a manuscript best fits the criteria of Issues in Dental Ethics, it should be sent to Dr. Chambers at the e‐mail address given above and a determination will be made.