Foundation Support Brings Publication to Fruition

The Board of Directors of the ACD Foundation supported with a small grant the publication of Undaunted Trailblazers: Minority Women Leaders for Oral Health. Authored by Shelia Price, Jeanne Sinkford, and Marilyn Woolfolk, this book provides a way forward for aspiring leaders with reflections on perseverance, resilience, patience, and courage.

undaunted trailblazers minority women leaders for oral health

Kellogg Leadership Institute Scholars Selected

Three ACD Fellows were recently approved by the Board of Regents as the first College cohort to join the AAPD-Kellogg School of Management Leadership Insitute. With a focus on furthering leadership skills and honing leadership styles, the Leadership Institute is the “gold standard” for emerging dental leaders. The College is delighted to enter into a partnership with the AAPD that will provide two-three spots for Fellows in each three-year cohort. Included in the inaugural College cohort are Dr. Drew Smith, Ontario; Dr. Julie Connolly, New York; and Dr. Huong Le, California.

For more information, please contact Suzan Pitman, Managing Director. 

ACDF Receives $1 Million Bequest

In May 2016 the American College of Dentists Foundation received notice of a $1 million planned gift from Dr. Jerome B. Miller. This is in addition to Dr. Miller’s just completed $1 million matching gift campaign that benefitted both the Foundation and College. Needless to say, the Foundation and College are both extremely grateful to Dr. Miller for his extraordinary generosity, as well as the multitude of Fellows and Friends of the College who rose to meet his challenge.

Ongoing Initiatives

The Foundation provides yearly support for initiatives implemented by the American College of Dentists. Foundation funds have supported strategic and educational initiatives of the College, including the Journal of the American College of Dentists, Annual Meeting lectures and the Fellows Forum, continuing education, and more. Ongoing projects of the Foundation include:

The Foundation is vital to expanding the momentum of the American College of Dentists and its efforts to create an environment of opportunity for the dental profession and the oral health of society.