Your Foundation in Action

ACDF Receives $1 Million Bequest!

In May 2016 the American College of Dentists Foundation received notice of a $1 million planned gift from Dr. Jerome B. Miller. This is in addition to Dr. Miller’s just completed $1 million matching gift campaign that benefitted both the Foundation and College. Needless to say, the Foundation and College are both extremely grateful to Dr. Miller for his extraordinary generosity.

Thank You!
Ongoing Initiatives

The Foundation provides yearly support for initiatives implemented by the American College of Dentists. Foundation funds have supported strategic and educational initiatives of the College, including the Journal of the American College of Dentists, Annual Meeting lectures and the Fellows Forum, continuing education, and more. Ongoing projects of the Foundation include:

  • Ethics Handbook for Dentists—provides support to print and distribute annually over 6,000 copies of the Ethics Handbook for Dentists, along with a companion wallet card; booklets are provided to first-year dental students at virtually all U.S. and Canadian dental schools
  • Courses Online Dental Ethics (CODE)—provided start-up support to our series of online courses in dental ethics at
  • Dr. Samuel D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry—provided support to this national museum including the donation of a rare bust of Dr. G.V. Black
  • ACD Website—underwrites costs associated with the ACD website,
  • Continuing Education—supports continuing education efforts of the American College of Dentists associated with the Annual Meeting
  • Fellows Forum and Keynote Presentations—supports Annual Meeting keynote presentations and the Fellows Forum
  • Friends of NIDCR—supports the Friends of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
  • Oral Health America—supports Oral Health America

The Foundation is vital to expanding the momentum of the American College of Dentists and its efforts to create an environment of opportunity for the dental profession and the oral health of society.

The Foundation has awarded Fellow Alma Clark the 2018 Cecelia L. Dows Scholarship for Advanced Education in Ethics. Dr. Clark is the eighth Dows Scholar. Congratulations!