Philanthropy—investments in project and process design—is to improve the quality of life for generations yet to come. The impact is often difficult to understand and often impossible to judge. Philanthropy is speculation. The drive is fueled by a desire to move humanity forward. –Steven D. Chan, Past President of the ACD and of the ACD Foundation

Donations to the American College of Dentists Foundation drive the College’s ethics education initiatives, scholarships, and funding for local projects by our Sections. Please contact the office for more information on how to make an impact.
Donate Today for a Better Tomorrow!
Gies Fellow Program

Gies Fellows contribute $1,000 or more to the endowment fund in the Foundation. The Gies Fellow program is not limited to Fellows. Spouses, family members, and organizations may participate.

Gies Benefactor Program

Gies Benefactors contribute $5,000 or more to the endowment.

Named Funds

Creating a symbolic Named Fund with a gift of $5,000 or more is an ideal way for Sections to honor notable Fellows. Current Named Funds are listed below.

Named Funds

Jean Savage Adam Fund
Robert B. Alley Fund
Christopher Anderson Fund
Patricia L. Blanton Fund
Frank P. Bowyer, Jr. Fund
Marcia A. Boyd Fund
Dick and Doris Bradley Fund
Russell W. Buchert Fund
Herbert Caplan Fund
Arthur A. Dugoni Fund


Robert W. Elliott, Jr. Fund
Geraldine M. Ferris Fund
Dr. & Mrs. Coleman Gertler Fund
Richard J. Haffner Fund
John I. Haynes Fund
Mae M. Hom Fund
B. Charles Kerkhove, Jr. Fund
I. Lawrence Kerr Fund
H. Raymond Klein Fund
Jacob J. Lippert Fund


Mary Fleigh MacKoul Fund
Max M. Martin, Jr. Fund
Harvey E. Matheny Fund
Alston J. McCaslin V Fund
Edward C. McNulty Fund
Jerome B. Miller Fund
Richard A. Powell Fund
Robert T. Ragan Fund
James R. Roche Fund
John M. Scarola Fund


Dr. & Mrs. Chester J. Schultz Fund
Chris C. Scures Fund
Roger W. Triftshauser Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Vinci Fund
W. Scott Waugh Fund
Thomas J. Wickliffe Fund
Thomas F. Winkler III Fund
Section Fund – Georgia
Section Fund – Northern California
Section Fund – Upper Midwest

The American College of Dentists Foundation works with donors to try and maximize tax benefits. The preceding information is not intended to provide tax advice, imply tax consequences, or solicit contributions. Rather, it provides general information and represents examples of ways the Foundation receives support. Please consult your financial or tax advisors relative to your particular situation. You are invited to contact the Executive Office for more information regarding the American College of Dentists Foundation and its programs.