The College engages in high-quality, impactful projects that further our mission to advance excellence, ethics, professionalism and leadership in dentistry.

In 2014 the Board of Regents authorized the editor of the college to conduct a comprehensive study of ethics in dentistry.  The project was expected to take several years and to generally follow the model of William Gies’s 1926 report on dental education, prepared for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.  The major feature of the model to be imitated was collection and arrangement of factual field data rather than the assembly of insights and opinions of “experts” in various areas.  The project has been well-funded by concerned fellows.

Data were collected from three sources (a) collection of relevant documents describing practices and policies, (b) reading in the literature on ethics and professional ethics, and (c) original research designed to gather specific information.  Examples of the first source include specimen ethics codes and Gallup survey data on public trust in various professions.  Relevant theory and findings were collected from such cognate disciplines as philosophy, bioethics, the literature on professional ethics in medicine, nursing, and business, as well as social psychology.

Recognizing the four cornerstones of the College – Excellence, Ethics, Leadership, and Professionalism – ACD awards are conferred upon extraordinary Fellows and other oral health professionals whose unique and impactful contributions are part of the legacy of the College.

The College has partnered with Indiana University School of Dentistry to create a series of ethical dilemma videos. Use of these videos for educational, non-profit activities is highly encouraged.

Visit the ACD Ethical Dilemmas YouTube Channel