Use of the abbreviation for Fellow of the American College of Dentists has been historically limited. Consistent with the ADA Code of Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, the College restricts the use of the initials so patients and the public will not confuse the abbreviation “FACD” with an academic degree. In 2007 the entire Fellowship voted on the guidelines for use of “FACD.”

When to Use “FACD”
On the title page of textbooks which a Fellow has authored
In a faculty listing of a University at which the Fellow is teaching
When submitting a paper to a publication in a professional, non-proprietary journal
Non-commercial contexts that do not involve patients
Educational settings where the course, seminar, lecture, or meeting is sponsored by a dental school or organized dentistry

When to Refrain from Using “FACD”
In any commercial context such as:
Advertising or any solicitation of patients
Professional announcements
Office buildings and/or door signs and plates
Personal or professional promotions
Commercial presentations or publications

Fellows are encouraged to wear their Fellowship pin or the rosette and to use “Fellow of the American College of Dentists” (unabbreviated) on professional letterhead, biographical summaries, and other appropriate information-only locations that match the dignity and professionalism of the College.