Awards of the American College of Dentists recognize unique and exceptional efforts of Fellows, non-dentists involved with the profession or oral health, and Sections of the College.

William John Gies Award

The William John Gies Award is the highest honor the College can bestow upon a Fellow. Named after William J. Gies, who was instrumental in shaping the College and the entire dental profession, this award has been given since 1940 and recognizes Fellows who have made truly unique and exceptional contributions to advancing the profession and its service to society. The 2018 recipient of the William J. Gies Award was Dr. Allan J. Formicola.

Ethics and Professionalism Award

Consistent with the mission of the ACD, the Ethics and Professionalism Award recognizes exceptional contributions by individuals or organizations in the promotion of ethics or professionalism in dentistry. The 2019 recipient is Dr. David T. Ozar. This award is made possible through the generosity of The Jerome B. Miller Family Foundation. Nominations are by the Board of Regents however, any Fellow may submit names and supporting information to the Board for consideration.

Distinguished Leadership Award

The Distinguished Leadership Award is the College’s newest award. This award recognizes individuals having a record of significant and distinguished leadership in dentistry, public health, or national health policy while in a position of national or international responsibility. Nominations are by the Board of Regents, however any Fellow may submit names and supporting information to the Board for consideration. The Distinguished Leadership Award was not given in 2018.

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award, given since 1995, recognizes Fellows for specific, outstanding service to dentistry, the community, or humanity. This award is presented through a special recommendation of the Board of Regents. The Outstanding Service Award was not given in 2018.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals who have been Fellows for 50 years. This award is supported by the Samuel D. Harris Fund of the American College of Dentists Foundation. The 2017 recipients are Drs. John J. Lytle, Gordon C. Amundson, Carl F. Gugino, Stephen L. Kondis, Theodore R. Lerner, John T. Lindquist, Mylon B. Morris, Richard D. Norman, Richard C. Oliver, Patricia A. Parsons, Harry Rosen, Gerald S. Wank, Charles P. White, C. Rex Witherspoon, and Herbert K. Yee.

Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship is a means to bestow the honor of Fellowship on deserving non-dentists who exhibit the same levels of leadership and excellence as Fellows. This award, given since 1930, is the highest honor the College awards to non-dentists. The 2018 recipients are William O. Butler, Kevin Earle, Connie F. Lane, and F. Lynn Means.

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit recognizes acknowledges specific, outstanding achievements of non-dentists. This award has been given since 1959. The Award of Merit was not awarded in 2018.

Section Achievement Award

The Section Achievement Award, presented to a College Section, recognizes effective projects and activities in areas such as professional education, public education, or community service. This award has been given since 1995. The American Society for Dental Ethics Section of the ACD was the recipient of this award in 2018.

Section Newsletter Award

Since 1997 the Section Newsletter Award has recognized outstanding achievement in the publication of a Section newsletter. The Award is based on overall quality, design, content, and technical excellence. Electronic newsletters are highly encouraged. The 2018 recipient is the Northern California Section.

Model Section Designation

The purpose of the Model Section program is to encourage Section improvement by recognizing Sections that meet quality performance standards in four areas: Membership, Section Projects, ACD Foundation Support, and Commitment and Communication. In 2017 the New York Section, Metro Washington Section, West Virginia Section, Missouri Section, Tennessee Section, British Columbia Section, and Hawaii Section earned the Model Section designation.

Outstanding Student Leader Award

The Outstanding Student Leader Award is awarded by Sections and recognizes senior dental students for demonstrated leadership and outstanding scholastic performance.